Website Design Sprint UI

Compoá's main image

Compoá was looking for

a new website as their old one has failed sharing their message and bringing new clients. I was excited because Compoá is a marketing agency made from women that empowers women-led companies. They needed a completely new design to their website.

The challenges were initially

  • At the beginning of the Sprint, it wasn’t clear what they offer and how their services works
  • They weren’t reaching their target audience

Then our design sprint revealed

What services Compoá does

  • Communication Consulting,
  • Content Marketing
  • Design Sprint

Who their users are

Entrepreneurs women who wants profiting with social media and feel fulfilled with their business

What image they want to have

  • Incisive
  • Cute
  • Modern

The user’s problems

  • Lack of direction and clarity: don’t know what to do next with their business and how to do it
  • Lack of time to do everything alone
  • Can’t invest much money on their business

We are seeking the user’s transformation

 From someone

  • Uncertain with their own business
  • Doubt about herself
  • Just one more in the market

 To someone

  • Confident with their own business
  • Recognition and autority in their niche
  • Open to receive help

and the main challenge:

How might we be a guide for women in the entrepreneurial
, helping them define the next step of their

So we came up with a few concepts, and picked this one:

Photos of the concepts we came up with during the design sprint

We chose that one because

It shows empathy

  • You don’t have to do everything alone
  • We understand how hard it is to have a small business in Brazil with limited resources
  • As a women, we deal with some problems that only we know how it is

It gives a plan

  • You can talk with us about your business
  • We will find what is the best service for you
  • You will see your business growing in a sustainable way with strategy and confidence
  • You have who to count on during your journey

With the wireframe done, the next step was to define the visual direction

We created two different stylescapes according to what Compoá wanted as their image (incisive, cute and modern) and considering all details we got about them on the Design Sprint

Stylescape #1
Stylescape number 1
Stylescape #2
Stylescape number 2

Compoá decided to keep the stylescape number 2


Vesper Libre was the chosen font to represent their “trust” and “business” side. It is a classic font, but still entirely modern (just as Compoá).

Colors and elements

Compoá asked us to keep their colors pink and blue, as well as their logo element, circle. With pictures of strong women, the combination between those 3 elements is a sweet and strong, dynamic interface.

Icons and composition

We chose to work with thin lines and icons, so they keep the friendly and serene aspect we need. Here we want the user to feel welcome, and that they are in a safe space where they can trust us.

With the wireframe and stylescape defined, I was able to create the website

Screenshots of the finished website

You can find the live version here

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