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Hi, I'm Mari 👋

I've been working as a UX designer for the last 5 years, on companies from 10 to 5,000 employees, facing different/exciting design challenges. Short note: portfolio in progress. We're working on it 😉

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Mobile App - Research - UI - UX

I challenged myself on a personal project in partnership with a Venezuelan designer. Runaware will help beginners create and mindfully keep their running habits 😊

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Website - Design Sprint - UI

Using Design Sprint as the core methodology, I have designed this entire website for a marketing agency made by women that empowers women-led companies 💪

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Website - Research - UI - UX

Start cooking vegetarian food, with no excuses. Gororobas is a community that teaches you how easy it is to cook good food using whatever you have in your fridge.

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By the way, that's me 🙂

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I’m a Senior UX/UI designer, with a degree in graphic design. So you can know me, each icon here represents a little about me. Oh, and why Marifulness? Well, I feel how practicing mindfulness impacts my life and I want to bring that to my users when I can. So I design using "marifulness" (hope you got the wordplay 🥲)

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