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for who cares about users’ wellbeing

marifulness I’m Mari, I bring mindfulness into your product

Mindful products, by design

I’m passionate about mindfulness and... why not bring that to my users? Let's create products considering the wellness of those who will be using them 😊

  • Your wellbeing and your mental health comes first
  • Avoid visual pollution so you can focus on what matters
  • Warm design elements that don’t stress your mind

and some more ways 🧘🏼

Mobile App - Research - UI - UX

How about running with presence? Runaware is an app that will help beginners create and keep their running habits in mindful way. Take a deep breath and follow your journey in your own time.

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Runaware's screenshot #1
Runaware's screenshot #2
Runaware's screenshot #3

SPA Animal
Mobile App - Research - UI - UX

SPA Animal is an adoption app mindfully created to support pets' new parents on this important moment. A clean interface with fluid experience composes a sweet and easy adoption process.

SPA Animal's screenshot #1
SPA Animal's screenshot #2
SPA Animal's screenshot #3

Website - Research - UI - UX

Let’s start cooking vegetarian food, with no more excuses. Gororobas is a community made to show their users how easy it is to cook good food, with things you have in your fridge right now :)

Gororobas's screenshot #1
Gororobas's screenshot #2
Gororobas's screenshot #3

Some more projects

Compoá Website - Design Sprint - UI

A marketing agency made by women, that helps clients boost their business and empowers women-led companies

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Compoá's screenshot #1 Compoá's screenshot #2 Compoá's screenshot #3

Hdoro Website - Re-design - UI

A developer that helps organizations create a sustainable digital presence with accessible and fast websites

🚧 Upcoming case study

Hdoro's screenshot #1 Hdoro's screenshot #2 Hdoro's screenshot #3

Conjunto Website - Design Sprint - UI

A company that makes renovations at affordable prices

🚧 Upcoming case study

Conjunto's screenshot #1 Conjunto's screenshot #2 Conjunto's screenshot #3

Laço Website - Re-design - UI

A non-profit entity that helps a slum population in Brazil

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Laço's screenshot #1 Laço's screenshot #2 Laço's screenshot #3

By the way, I’m Mari 🙂

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I’m a UX/UI designer from Brazil, with a degree in graphic design.

I feel how practicing mindfulness can impact my life and how important it is to consume apps and websites that don’t cause any bad to my body and mind. That’s why I decided that I don’t want to create products that make my user feel this way.

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