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We came up with the idea of

creating an app to help people cultivate the habit of running. I was excited about the project because I have difficulty keeping the habit, and I was also working with a great designer and runner.

The challenges were initially

  • Who exactly would be our target audience
  • What methodology we could use to deal with a running habit without affecting mental health
  • How to innovate what exists in "running apps"

Then we started to understand the project

Our goals with this app

  • Show that running is not as hard as it seems
  • Influence people to be healthier
  • Innovate existing running apps

The user and their problem

People who want to start running, run, or stopped and want to return. They can't find the motivation and discipline to create the habit.

Existing similar apps

People love the community and sense of belonging, guided runs, and simple plans to follow. However, they don't like the way that apps try to keep them engaged today, and so they get bored faster.

What makes our app the only

Runaware is the only app that will motivate new and casual runners beyond the run, during an era of technology, anxiety, and laziness.

and our main challenge:

How might we help new and casual
, find the motivation and discipline to create a healthy running

With interviews and online surveys, our user research revealed some surprising stuff, like

The 3 main fears of our users about running

1. Lack of discipline

The user is frustrated about how difficult it is to build the habit. They feel bad for not having discipline and consistency, and for not being able to commit to new things. It happens before and during the run.

Triggers: their thoughts of not being good enough, feeling lazy, the time preparing to go, bad weather, running track with bad ground and many people.

2. Slow results

The user doesn't see results and improvements during the first few days of running and starts thinking that they could be doing something easier. They are also worried about what other people will think. It happens during and after the run.

Triggers: seeing their stats after a run or someone else running, their thoughts of never getting better.

3. Lack of physical condition

In the beginning, the user doesn't have a good physical condition and it's running out of breath. They don't know their limits and push too hard. It happens before and during the run.

Triggers: their thoughts of not being a natural runner, the decisive moment to go for a run, feeling pain before or after the run, a memory of past situations

so we created our

personas, empathy maps, journey maps and storyboards

Personas and empathy map
Based on our research

Ok, but given all of this, how can we help our users?

with Marindfulness 🧘🏼

When you bring mindfulness into your run, your mind connects with your movement and avoid you from being distracted. By distractions we mean people, noise, technology, and even cultural pressures. With mindfulness we can help our users while working on their fears in a smooth process.

🧠 time to brainstorm 🧠

Which content/features would help new and casual runners fight their fears and create a healthy running habit in a mindful way?

We need to make it obvious

  • Checklist a night before the run
  • Setting up specific days and times for the run
  • Engaged notifications

We need to make it attractive

  • Journaling
  • Setting up your intentions
  • Breathwork

We need to make it easy

  • Mindful running paths
  • Guided runs

We need to make it satisfying

  • Non-regular stats
  • Video stats
  • Community

So, with the user flow and information architecture ready, we came up with a few concepts and picked this one:


and created their low-fidelity prototypes

Low-fidelity prototype
They are not all here

With the prototype done, the next step was to define the visual direction

We created two different stylescapes according to all our research and the words we chose for the Runaware image:

  • Friendly
  • Inclusive
  • Clean/Calm
  • Warm/Cozy
  • Positive/Encouraging
Stylescape number 1
Stylescape number 2

As the two met what we were looking for,

we mixed them and created a new one


and you can find the rest of the story here

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